September 2010

It’s feeling winter-y today. Wet and snowy in the mountains. I feel like I could have skied this morning. Feels more like December 10, rather than September 10. It’s supposed to warm back up to high 60’s this weekend. Hello Wydaho fall.

Jackson this morning. Photo from JH Mountain Resort.

Targhee this morning. Sept. 10, 2010.

ESPN Snowboarding says it’s going to be a La Nina cycle, which hopefully translates into a snowy winter in the Tetons. (Click to check out the article.)

The Teton Pass webcam becomes our bible in the winter. That and Intellicast global satellite. Here’s the pass last night. We were checking to see if we needed to get our skis and boots out of the shed. We didn’t, but it won’t be long now! Looks like you can wear white after Labor Day!

Teton Pass Sept. 9.


I haven’t seen a bear all summer, except for the frozen variety, processed and wrapped in my freezer. I can’t bring myself to ever eat it. I have no problem with elk or deer, but bears are fuzzy and I rarely see them, so I feel like there aren’t enough of them out there for me to be eating one. This morning the Fish and Game officer stopped by the office to see if I wanted to come see a trapped bear. It’s the third bear they’ve trapped at the same ranch in the last week. They’ve relocated all three, as they haven’t become habituated to humans or human food yet. I wrote about another bear that broke into a Victor home a couple weeks ago. After we took the bear by the elementary school for the kids to take a look at and get a short lesson on bears and bear safety, we released the cutie back into the wild. Hopefully he won’t find trouble again.

A girl peers through the cage to get a glimpse of a black bear.

Am I free?