This time of year there’s a mass exodus of skiers who flock to Alaska from the Tetons. There are a few places to go, but the main Jackson/Teton Valley connection is on Thompson Pass. There are a few heli-ski operations whose owners call the Tetons home the rest of the winter. I’ve never been, (maybe next year!) but Thompson Pass is just a mountain pass and a parking lot, basically. A few years ago Tailgate Alaska started a springtime party and king of the hill competition. Shannon left yesterday for a 10-day trip. He’ll do a little guiding, but mostly he’ll be playing. Here’s the scene. Most everyone in the video is from Teton Valley. Shannon’s in the green jacket/ white helmet. Looks fun, huh?

There’s still a couple weeks of the lift-serviced skiing here, but a lot of other people, if they don’t go to AK, they head to the desert. Some friends left for Zion and Brice Canyon in Utah. I’m watching their really sweet Pomeranian while they are gone, so at least I have some company. Meet Noelle.

I've been carrying her around town in my purse.