My first spring/summer in Wydaho a man was attacked by a grizzly not too far from where I was living. A friend heard about it and said, “Good thing you’re living with Amy, she’s crazy, no bear would attack you guys.” It’s probably true, and I am missing her this summer. Bear spray is like $40, and there have been encounters, with grizzlies nearly every week. I wrote about a man who was charged three times and survived. (You can read that here.) Last week a man died in Yellowstone. I’ve never been scared of encountering a bear until this summer.

Before I moved to Wyoming, Lucky and I went to a bear lecture in Teton National Park with Ranger Tom. He told us that if it was a black bear you could just say “get outta here, bear.” But grizzlies are a different breed. I haven’t even gone hiking yet this year because I’ve been a little freaked out. I have gone biking and rode up on a moose and two calves. Also scary because they are protective when with their babies. I had to hike out the long way.

Anyway, Mother Nature is winning this year. It’s not all scary though. The ample snowfall this winter and spring caused a lot of mud and flooding, but that meant summer skiing. The lift at Targhee opened June 24 for the summer season, for scenic hikes and lift-serviced biking. There was so much snow, though most people went skiing. You could make turns top to bottom, but had to cross the road twice where they were plowing.

Sarah ready to ride June 24.

green valley, snowy mountain


The snow also made for an interesting 3-day music festival at the resort with Widespread Panic. Lots of hippies on substances. Most embraced the mud. Here’s a video of why you shouldn’t wear white to outdoor rock concerts, while also tripping on LSD. Or maybe you should, seems like he was having a good time. Still working on the video/iphone skills.

I hadn’t planned on going to all three nights of Widespread Panic, but I did. Luckily we got a new couch and the old one is outside. Not a bad place to recover and rest up.

Resting up before Day 2 of Widespread Panic