I check in on A Cup of Jo every day. Joanna Goddard is the wildly popular blogger that writes about lifestyle, love, family, travel, food and fashion. Her posts are easy to read and are always offering up fun tips and entertaining tidbits. Plus she has some awesome giveaways. Her blog is her full time job along with some other freelance work. I like her style and what she’s been able to do with her blog. It’s given me some inspiration for this blog. A Cup of Jo is great, but it’s so East Coast. I’d love to pull off a similar mountain version here. More adventurous, more geared towards the bad ass ladies that play hard but still want to look good doing it. So I’m thinking of changing things up a bit in this space and posting more often. I’m still trying to figure out that balance between this being a place for family and friends to keep up with my life in Wydaho and also taking it in a new direction. Naturally, I’ve decided to do more just as I’ve gotten busier. I’m taking over as the managing editor of the Teton Valley News this month! It’s always been my style to pile things on all at once. I think I’m more focused the busier I get. Good thing it’s been a low snow year. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.